Your Sacred Sanctuary: 3 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own

Recently, after discussing “A Course In Miracles” with a friend, I also discovered there were two other follow up courses, which lead to another discussion about some great books and crystals that help us in our journey of Self and Spirit. This in turn lead to the importance of your own Sacred Sanctuary, where time is taken for inner reflection, growth, and peace. She then invited me to peruse her Library for books I may want to read, after showing me a photo of her Sanctuary. The tease! This is a privilege indeed, because I believe a Sacred Sanctuary is special, and to be invited to look through another’s special books is both heartwarming and special.

I then told her this would be an amazing idea for a blog, so here it is, and why it should be important to everyone. In quick bullets, here are my 3 reasons on how to use your own Sacred Sanctuary. Suggestions on how to create your own personal Sacred Sanctuary is in Part II, located at the bottom of this blog. 

  1. A Time Out
  2. A Shield Against Negative Influences
  3. Spiritual Wisdom & Growth

How you create and use yours may be different, and even a combination of these three. If you have others, I would love to see them in the Comments below.

Part I: How To Use Your Sacred Sanctuary

A Time Out

This should be done each day, as the stresses and hassles of daily life with work, family, and community can wear you down. This is especially important for Empaths, but everyone should at least take a breather away from the bustle we call Life. This “Time Out” can be reading a good book in your space, or some breathing exercises, writing, drawing, or even some gentle yoga. Whichever way you chose, it is a way to recharge your batteries and give you a bit of a pick-me-up for the rest of your day. Outside of your hone (say at work during lunch), your “Time Out” can be a walk in Nature or outside by a garden or a water fountain if you’re in the city. Who says this favourite place can’t also be your imagined Sacred Sanctuary outside of your home? A Time Out can also be a nice warm bath with your favourite “seasonings” after a hard day’s work (One of my favourites).

A Shield Against Negative Influences

You can take this time in your Sacred Sanctuary for cutting emotional and spiritual/Karmic cords that don’t serve you. You can follow this up by meditation- visualizing a “cloak” to use when needed, when you come across anxious moments. This is also useful in dealing with Energy Vampires/Energy Tyrants that can leave you feeling tired and drained after your encounter with them. Again, this is a tool I have found very useful as a sensitive empath. More of this is in my blog post: “Clearing Your Day of Energy Drains”.  

Spiritual Wisdom & Growth

This can be spent in daily meditation practices. Guided meditations can be found online, or my favourite, music that uses the Solfeggio Frequencies. These are binary tones that repair and heal any area you need to work on – heart healing, cell regeneration, crown chakra, grounding, and more. I often like to use this music while using one of the Malas I have made for myself, along with slow breathing, sometimes adding a mantra while taking these slow breaths. Open yourself to insight and inspiration. If you open yourself to Love, all else will come. I have long believed that Fear does not exist in the presence of Love. Keep a Journal, and write your thoughts and inspirations down. If you draw, take some time and draw up what you may see in a meditation.

Part II: Creating Your Own Sacred Sanctuary

In creating your Sacred Sanctuary, pick a spot in your home that is relatively quiet, preferably with a window to allow some daylight in. Place some plants within this space, along with your favourite healing crystals, a comfortable chair or cushion, and a small altar. This “altar” can be anything from a small end table to a larger table/mantle. Mine is my fireplace mantle, and it has photos of my family, my favourite crystals, and an incense burner. Each person’s preference will be different, but what matters most is that this Sacred Sanctuary is Yours. Have it reflect your hopes, dreams, what you love, and what heals and inspires you. A place of inner reflection, peace, and love. 

There are so many other ways you can use and create your Sacred Sanctuary – it would make this a very long blog post, indeed, so I have tried to keep this short and sweet with these suggestions. If you have more to add, I would love to see them in the Comments section below.


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