Taking the Time For Gratitude

As I write this, we are nearing the end of 2020. It has been a crazy year with its many ups and downs, many lessons, and yes, many gifts. Even though we are amidst a worldwide pandemic, there is a lot to be grateful for in these times. More so, even then before. I haveContinue reading “Taking the Time For Gratitude”

On Missing Personal Contact: Thoughts on Isolation and COVID19.

Today, I am missing my half-sister. She has been popping in and out of my memories for about a week now. We only knew of each other for a few years, and only met two years ago. Funny thing is, she grew up in the town next to where I now reside. But, I missContinue reading “On Missing Personal Contact: Thoughts on Isolation and COVID19.”

Bellydance with Veils

Hello – it’s me again! I thought I’d use this time to quickly post a belly dance fusion piece that I’ve fallen in love with and thought I ‘d share on this blog. At the time of doing this piece, I was experimenting with my fan veil as well as my regular veils. Veil workContinue reading “Bellydance with Veils”