Clearing Your Day of Energy Drains

Shine Your Light, Dahling!

Have you ever had days when you have encountered people or situations that just drained you, physically, emotionally, and mentally? With no “real” explanation? That didn’t make any sense to you? I’ve discovered 5 ways you can clear your day of Energy Drain(ers). You could be an Empath (like me), who feels the energy of those around you, and you could have come across an Energy Vampire or an Energy Tyrant. These are the people that leave you feeling tired or anxious during or after your encounter. And after “sucking you dry”, they may feel more energized after your encounter with them. This also goes for situations you may come across in the workplace, a social situation, or in a group. You may feel isolated and alone, even when in a group setting, wanting nothing more than to curl up somewhere and sleep. 

I have always been a sensitive soul, and for the longest time wondered where I “fit in”. I found out that I don’t need to participate in one-sided friendships or business “work-ships” that don’t serve me energetically. I discovered that I was always the one trying to make a relationship last longer than it should have. This was before I discovered that I am an Empath, I feel things. I feel the energy of others, their emotions. I realized that there are those Energy Tyrants/Vampires that gravitate to empathic beings like you and I. This could be said the same for the narcissist- they love to feed off of the sensitives. This is when I discovered clearing my energy field, cutting energy cords, and shielding work well for me. Leaving the situation is also recommended as boundaries must be set for yourself. Also important to me is resisting the urge to lash out, or think ill of those that inadvertently “suck my energy dry”. They are who they are, and may not even realize what they are doing. We all have different Frequency levels, and it is navigating those fields that can seem tricky. With my next statement, I know I may sound like a Pollyanna, but here it is:

“We should send out a Vibration or Frequency of Love to those that harm us (purposely, or not). It doesn’t serve our own Energetic Selves to hold on to feelings of hate, spite, jealousy, or grudge. All those are based out of Fear – and Fear is the opposite of Love. And we are here on this planet for our own lessons and learning.”

Here are some methods that I have been using to Clear My Day From Energy Drains:

  • Cleansing your Home: Use Sage to smudge all rooms in your home. Sage also has anti-bacterial properties as well as a spiritual cleanser. If you are asthmatic and cannot handle the smoke actual sage emits within a closed area, use a Sage Incense Stick. I need to use these in my home, as my husband is asthmatic and smoke triggers it. He loves the scent, and the energy of the room afterwards.
  • Meditate: Send Gratitude and Love to those lessons learned. Especially to those who have wronged you. This may be hard, but giving love instead of wishing ill on another is so much more gratifying.  If you are not ready to do that yet, close your eyes and send out a “Bubble Of Love” that encloses the entire Earth and everyone within it, while envisioning a river of water that washes away all that “grunge & grit,” of Fear you carry with you, and replacing it with Love. 
  • Cutting Energy Cords from your Auric Field using Crystals: I found Selenite perfect for this. This is a good practice after you have cleared your home, and yourself with sage, and after the “Send Gratitude & Love” Meditation. You can now begin “cutting the energy cords” so that nothing else clings to your Energy Field. A good read on this is found on the “Energy Muse” website, their blog post “How To Cut Energy Cords Using Crystals.
  • Cloaking your Energy Field in a Cloak of Protection: This is perfect to do while in Meditation. Envision a cloak or a robe. Imagine the decorations, fabric, colour, symbols -anything that may be on this cloak. Imagine this cloak physically draping over you like a shield. Ask the Universe to equip this cloak with a “Negative Energy Repeller” – which will both bounce off, and protect you from anyone “taking over your energetic space/aura”. Your Energy Field is Sacred, and should be protected from anyone draining you. I’ve got more on this “Cloak of Protection” at the end of this blog.
  • Send out a Thank You: Last but not least, don’t forget to thank the Universe/Source/God/Goddess for all that you do have, and all you have learned, as well as for the wonderful things to come to you.

Depending on how “icky” I feel, I may do only some of these – but on those days where I need a PowerPack, I do all of these, in the order they are written.

And remember – you can always use the “Cloak of Protection” before you go somewhere you feel you may need it. That way, if you do come across an Energy Vampire/Tyrant, you can quickly visualize your cloak, and use it for protection. And if all else fails, you can quickly and politely excuse yourself from the situation and walk away. And never, ever feel guilty about doing so.

Your Energy Field is Sacred, and you are worth every happy rainbow drop of sunshine it can provide.

Echoes Of The Mother


Shari. (Author/Lightworker of Echoes of the Mother)

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