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Why Echoes of the Mother? This is about how I can (hopefully) bring some light to this world we call home. Through insight, meditation, movement and dance, and energy healing.

I’ll be posting about my Belly Dance Fusion (International Fusion Dance) – a dance form with belly dance roots, but influences from all kinds of sources. And since I dance from the Spirit, I’d call my form – “Interdimensional Fusion”. (Yes, I just made that term up).

I’ll be posting about Chakradance, as I am now a Licensed Chakradance Facilitator. A little about Chakradance, and upcoming classes.

I’ll be posting about crystals and crystal healing energy. A subject that is close to my heart.

On this journey, I’ve discovered I’m a Lightworker – so I will be posting anything I feel pertains to that work and those discoveries. Thank you for dropping in.

Love removes Fear. Fear is the absence of Love. Fear cannot exist in the Presence of Love.

Echoes of the Mother

I also create Jewelry – infusing my pieces with Intention, Love, and Light. You can check out my store – MixedElementals Jewelry