“Although Death Takes Your Hand”

Life is not certain
But Death always is.
So Life must be cherished
And each day lived
As if it were our last.
Harsh words must be few
And love used instead.
Real meaning and deeds
Must be shared instead.
Life is a crossroad
A time between Worlds.
When Death takes your Hand
This life complete,
Smile instead, as he leads you on
And cherish the moments,
The laughter,
The Love.
Those will always live on
In the eyes of those left behind.
Your name will be legend
As you take his hand and move on.
The next world awaits
As do those on the other side.
A blissful reunion,
A sad departure,
But you can always visit
Within dreams, soft voices, and prompts.
You will always be here
Within the hearts of many.
So really, even though you left,
You’re not really gone.
Your legacy remains here
With family, friends,
And those you inspire.
So thank you for giving us
The honour to know you.
Your generosity, your heart
And you will never be forgotten.
So Death has taken your hand
And placed it into the hand of 
Your loving Wife.
Dearly departed, Dearly loved,
To begin a new life.
  • Shari Irwin, April 12, 2021

Published by MixedElementals Jewelry

My quest for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit. Jewelry Designer, Crystal Lover, Starseed, Lightworker, and bellydance fusion/movement artist. Also looking forward to seeing what this world looks like when I am 108!

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