On Missing Personal Contact: Thoughts on Isolation and COVID19.

Today, I am missing my half-sister. She has been popping in and out of my memories for about a week now. We only knew of each other for a few years, and only met two years ago. Funny thing is, she grew up in the town next to where I now reside. But, I miss her. She was my doppelgänger. We both loved our Crystals. We had some really interesting discussions about Energy and the Universe, and Life.

We understood each other. We finished each other’s sentences. We both lived outside of the box – her more than I. Both are free spirited women. Both dearly loved by our significant others. I feel the loss, and I feel the pain of her husband, partner, and best friend. The grief of her family and friends. 

I suppose being unable to physically hug my family and friends right now has been taking more of a toll than I thought. This COVID19 stuff sucks, but it is here – and we have to live around it. It is hard having to live life right now with that dark shadow looming over us. Trying not to buy into the fear. Trying to remain uplifted and encouraging, to be a light for others. It is hard. Some days harder than others. 

My hubby has been called back to work full time again – and I hope he is taking the necessary precautions. I see that he has taken two of the three face masks we have, so that is a good sign. So, it is me and my fur baby at home. It has been nice having hubby at home during the day, but now life has to get back to semi-normalcy. As much as we can, under these circumstances. Not all businesses have been given the green light yet, and when they do, it will be a slow, cautious open. Not the Black-Friday mayhem that people will like after being isolated, but a slow, gradual pulse back to life. It will be nice when I can finally meet up again with my Bent Willow community (the metaphysical shop I frequent) and have our hugs and our teatime chats.

For now, I am staying at home as much as I can, learning new things about myself – what I am capable of and what my limits can be. Learning new technology, and getting over my fear of public speaking (at least over a recorded device) by doing live recordings on my multimedia channels and facilitating online Bellydance classes using Zoom. Now, that is a learning curve – and I’m still “curving”. Discovering that the online market isn’t as difficult as I thought, with the jewelry sales. Creating new ideas, developing new skills, and learning about myself.

I’m only hoping that we can have somewhat of a summer, and we are not sequestered indoors for most of it. I would like to enjoy the parks and the lakeside – take long nature walks with my late half-sister, Gina, amidst the flora and fauna, and by the waterside. 

Oh what wonderful discussions we will have!

Until then, we will persevere, life does go on, and we have each other.

Xo- Echo

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My quest for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit. Jewelry Designer, Crystal Lover, Starseed, Lightworker, and bellydance fusion/movement artist. Also looking forward to seeing what this world looks like when I am 108!

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