Chakradance “Freedom” Sampler

Ever wonder about Chakradance – how the music sounds, what the guided meditative dance imagery is like? What it feels like to dance a small segment of Chakradance for a quick tuneup of your Chakras? Chakradance is like a Dancing Prayer, and I am so happy to be able to bring this sampler to you.

Here is a 15 minute “Freedom” Sampler from one of our Chakradance workshops. This will be going through each of the 7 main Chakras, from the Root to the Crown. You can use this every day, or as often as you like.

To experience it fully, have the music louder (than usual) or have your earbuds in. Darken the room, or have your eyes closed. I often burn a incense or sage before my Chakradance practice to cleanse and prepare your Sacred Space. If you are using candles, please so so with caution. I like the battery operated tea lights!

If you would like more Chakradance, and would like to come to a class or a workshop, please let me know. You can contact me on the Chakradance website (link provided in the bottom paragraph) -Enjoy your free 15min Freedom Sampler!

-Namaste Shari Irwin, Licensed Chakradance Facilitator

Search for classes near you, or find my classes if you are in the Oshawa area, (Ontario Canada) — find a Chakradance Class Near Me

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