Let Me Introduce Myself.

Welcome to my world where I imagine a place of higher vibration, and (hopefully) improving the perspective of the world we live in, one reader at a time. Where Spirit, Mind, and Body mix for a more positive outlook and a better way of life. I’ve been on this journey for a few years now, with the last couple of years really (and I mean REALLY) opening up for me. I’ve used the energy of crystals, meditation, and dance – with other art forms- to expand my metaphysical horizons, as well as a mindful practice in everything I do to make every day brighter and easier. I am a Jewelry Designer, a Dancer, and a Lightworker. A physical and spiritual being.

I use healing crystals in my jewelry, infusing positive Intention and Purpose as I design, and a Cleansing after each piece is made. I believe crystals have an Energy of their own, a Life-force, if you will, that can teach us and help us on our healing journey.

Speaking on Healing Crystals, I do recognize that some issues of the mind and/or body will require professional help – and I encourage you to see seek out those professionals. That is what those healers are there for. These professionals, along with the healing energy of crystals, meditation, and homeopathy all go together for one purpose: to heal.

My Metaphysical Journey began around 2006, where I began asking some really hard questions, and peeling away the layers. Finding out who I was, who I am – and I am still working away at this. This will be a lifetime journey of mine, as our schooling will continue here, and in the afterlife. More of this will be in future blog posts.

I began bellydancing around 2007 (I think), and that is where I found a real connection to the Divine Mother Goddess, and Gaia – our Mother Earth. Even before bellydance, I’d move around in slow meditative movements to some healing music to find my inner peace. That still resounds with me today. Recently, my bellydance has evolved from a Tribal Fusion, to a more modern/lyrical form, and I am always learning of more things to fuse to it. So now, instead of Tribal Fusion Bellydance, my dance could be called “International Fusion”. I can even add “Interdimensional Fusion” to that too. Yes, I just invented that terminology.

What will you find on this site?

Mind, Body, & Soul:

  • Spirituality: meditations, modalities, finding out what resonates with you
  • Crystals: their healing energies, what they can do for you
  • Dance & Movement: classes I’m teaching, things I learn along the way, little tidbits that can help you on your dance journey (if you choose)
  • Mindful Purpose: learning how to do things with purpose and gratitude, from getting up for the day, mantras to help you during the day, and finishing off your day

Published by MixedElementals Jewelry

My quest for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit. Jewelry Designer, Crystal Lover, Starseed, Lightworker, and bellydance fusion/movement artist. Also looking forward to seeing what this world looks like when I am 108!

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